How to increase the size of the windows agent log.

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  • 21-Jun-2018
  • 21-Jun-2018


Change Guardian 5.x
Change Guardian 4.x


  • The CG Windows Agent log is rolling too fast to capture the needed errors.
  • Unable to collect the problem occurring in the windows agent log. 
  • The VigilentAgent_8094.log is collecting data so fast it is overwriting the error being collected.


To increase the size of the Change Guardian for Windows Agent log follow the instructions below.
1.   Login to the machine where the CG Agent for Windows is installed. 
2.   Open registry editor and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NetIQ\ChangeGuardianAgent
3.   Modify the logSize key from the decimal value of 10485760 bytes (which is 10 MB) to a larger size.
Note: The size will apply to all 10 logs that are stored in this location as they reach max size they roll to the next log.
4.   Open System Services and restart the NetIQ Change Guardian Agent for Windows service.


When debugging is enabled it on the Change Guardian Windows Agent the program will write every activity to the VigilentAgent_8094.log file.
Once this log file reaches the default value of 10 MB it will automatically roll the file to VigilentAgent_80941.log.  This will continue until it reaches the default maximum value of 10 logs.  If the agent is processing a high number of events due to activity then the CG Agent logs will reach the 10 MB maximum value quickly causing the log to roll. Ultimately if the CG Windows agent is busy enough the user may not be able to capture the log fast enough to ensure the error messages or issue is not overwritten in the saved log file.  This scenario would require the user to increase the size of the log file allowing more data to be written and stored in each respective log. 

Additional Information

Ensure that the server has enough available hard drive space to allow for the value entered for the log size multiplied by 10.