Certificate Import Browse window displays C:\FAKEPATH

  • 7023113
  • 19-Jun-2018
  • 26-Jun-2018


Service Desk 7.5 Appliance


Using the Service Desk Administration Console and selecting Certificates tile to import certificates, when selecting Browse button to navigate to the certificate, C:\FAKEPATH\ appears and cannot be overwritten.


This can be controlled when using Internet Explorer (or Edge).
Select Internet Options > Security (tab) > Custom level
Miscellaneous | "Include local directory path when uploading files to a server" = Enable
If the website is added to the trusted website list, Mozilla Firefox, IE (or Edge) will show the real path instead of the C:\FAKEPATH.


This is the default behavior when using Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Additional Information

May occur in other versions of Service Desk appliance.
This is cosmetic only and will accept the certificate.