How to remove decommissioned assets from the Agent Manager

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  • 15-Jun-2018
  • 15-Jun-2018


Change Guardian 4.2
Change Guardian 5.x


How to remove an asset from Change Guardian Agent Manager. 
How are old assets removed from CG Agent Manager?


To remove an unwanted Asset from Change Guardian Agent Manager follow these instructions. 

1) Launch the Change Guardian Web UI and login with admin (not cgadmin).

2) Select the Integration Icon at the top of the screen.

3) Then select Agent Manager at the top of the integration tab window.

4) In the Agent Manager, under the Asset Groups header, select the all assets folder. 

5) On the right hand side of the screen check the box next to the asset(s) to be removed. 

6) Then select the arrow next to Manage Assets at the top of the screen and select Delete Assets.

7) A window will popup to confirm the selected asset(s) are to be deleted, select delete. 

8) The asset should no longer display in the agent manager window.  


Orphaned assets are the result of the CG agent software being uninstalled manually.  Or the machine where the agent is installed being decommissioned from the environment.