zypper migration fails in Azure "Can't get available migrations from server"

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  • 13-Jun-2018
  • 18-Jun-2018


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Azure
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications


zypper migration fails with the following output:

       Can't get available migrations from server: SUSE::Connect::ApiError: Invalid combination of products registered.


Remove the packages sle-ha-release-POOL and sle-ha-release using the following:

      rpm -e sle-ha-release-POOL sle-ha-release

or use:

      rpm -evv sle-ha-release-POOL sle-ha-release

for verbose output of the erase command.

Then immediately run the following steps:
  • rm -rf /etc/zypp/repos.d
  • rm -rf /etc/zypp/credentials.d
  • rm -rf /etc/zypp/services.d
  • rm /etc/SUSEConnect
  • rm /var/lib/cloudregister/*
  • registercloudguest --force-new


Microsoft documentation erroneously advised customer to install the sle-ha-release-POOL sle-ha-release packages in their documentation.  Their documentation has since been fixed to remove the requirement to install sle-ha-release-POOL sle-ha-release packages.

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