Multiple language installation fails with ZCM.

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  • 04-Jun-2018
  • 04-Jun-2018


GroupWise 18
GroupWise 2014 R2
ZENworks Configuration Management 2017


If you select more than a single language installation for a GroupWise client to be installed on a Windows desktops, you might very often see that the ZCM distribution hangs.
This happens during extracting files using extract_setupip_packs.cmd by the ZM script. If you run the same script manually on a Windows workstation, all works fine and files get extracted.


Currently in our online interoperability documentation:

Section “Using ZENworks to Distribute the GroupWise Client Software”

Point 2b

A Run Script action called Run extract_setupip_packs.cmd that does the following:

· In the Specify a file on the managed device field, specify the path to the extract_setupip_packs.cmd file which was placed on the device in Step 2.a. For example:


· In the Wait before proceeding to next action box, select When action is complete .

· On the Advanced tab, make sure Run as dynamic administrator or Run as secure system user is selected.

Change this section in the bundle instead of using a Run Script action use a Launch executable with similar rest of settings.

Additional Information

This change is going to be reflected soon also in the online documentation.

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