How to clear the policy database.

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  • 24-May-2018
  • 04-Jun-2018


Change Guardian 4.x
Change Guardian 5.x


Windows Agent Policies are corrupted and need to be cleared.
Windows Agent service stops multiple times with no explanation or clear error.
New policy is assigned and will not trigger an event after agent performs a heartbeat.  


To manually clear the Windows Agent Policy database follow the instructions below: 
1.) Login to the machine where the Change Guardian agent is installed. 
2.) Open Services and stop the Change Guardian Agent Service.
3.) Open file explorer and go to C:\program files (x86)\NetIQ\ChangeGuardian\data
4.) Locate IQConfig.db right click and select to rename the file.  Rename it to IQConfig-BAK.db and save it. 
5.) Then locate the IQConfig subdirectory and double click to view the contents. 
6.) In the IQConfig sub directory locate the IQConfig.db and right click and select to rename the file.  Rename the      file to be IQConfig-BAK.db and save it. 
7.) Go to Services and start the Change Guardian Agent Service.  


The Change Guardian Agent downloads the assigned policies upon the first heartbeat after any policies are assigned, changed or updated.  Rarely the policies can become corrupted in the db files where they are stored causing several issues with agent.