Configuring IG widgets in IDM 4.7 dashboard

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  • 22-May-2018
  • 22-May-2018


Identity Manager 4.7
Identity Governance (Access Review) 3.x


When IG widgets are configured in the IDApps dashboard, then the widgets fail to load displaying the following message "Request failed. Please contact your administrator".


(If the IDApps version is later than shipping 4.7, then please refer to the IDM product documentation for the latest steps.)

 Identity Governance Server configuration

  1. Login to IG server as admin and stop tomcat.

  2. By default the OSP client for RBPM is 'rbpm' (unless it was changed manually. Refer to IDApps configupdate -> SSO Clients -> RBPM section for the account). Obtain the password for the account.

  3. Access <IG install location>/idgov/bin folder and execute encode-password util by providing the RBPM password. Copy the encoded password string.

For eg : 
ig:/opt/netiq/idm/apps/idgov/bin# ./ <actual-rbpmpasswd>
  1. Execute the configutil in console mode.

  2. Add the following properties by executing

ap com.netiq.iac2.clientID rbpm
ap com.netiq.iac2.clientPass <hash from step 3>
ap com.netiq.iac2.redirect.url https://<rbpm-url:rbpm-port>/IDMProv/oauth
ap com.netiq.iac.CORSclient https://<rbpm-url:rbpm-port>

Verify using

dc com.netiq.iac2
dc com.netiq.iac.CORSclient
  1. Quit configutil and restart IG tomcat.

IDApps dashboard configuration

  1. In a fresh browser login to Identity Manager dashboard as administrator

  2. On Identity Manager Home, click the Name list, located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

  3. Click Settings.

  4. Click Customization.

  5. From the Navigation Items list, select General.

  6. In the Identity Governance URL (igURL) field, specify the URL for your Identity Governance installation.

For Eg: http(s)://ig-host:<ig-port>


Enabling the developer tools, one can see that the request to IG fails with status code 204. The console log shows that the browser blocked the cross-origin request.
(Reason: CORS header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' missing)