Error 4701 "Server services not running"

  • 7022987
  • 18-May-2018
  • 21-May-2018


Verastream Host Integrator


  • Connection attempts by a remote client fail with error ID 4701 "Server services not running."
  • Session server log (viewed in Administrative Console; see also KB 7021303) contains error MessageID 3152 "Allocated session timed out waiting for client connection."
  • Local connections on the server (such as with SOAP Services tester) work fine.
  • Firewall or device with Network Address Translation (NAT) may be between the server and client, or the server's machine name may not be resolvable from the client system.


With version VHI 7.5 or higher:
  1. Temporarily stop the session server service. (See also KB 7021352.)
  2. Manually edit the %VHI_ROOT%/etc/sesssrvr.config file in a text editor to set the ApptrieveServer > Server property to the fully qualified host name or IP address as the server is known on the client's side of the network.
  3. Save the edited file and start the session server service.


The client connector is able to establish the initial connection to the session server to request the session, and the server readies the session and tells the client the address to connect to it, but the client fails to make the secondary connection. That is, the client can’t connect to the address the server told it to use. The session server must be configured to tell clients (connectors, Design Tool, and model deployment utilities) to use a different address.