IDM 4.7 - Bidirectional eDir Driver does not connect over SSL - Error occured while getting socket factory. Reason : null

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  • 18-May-2018
  • 13-Aug-2018


Identity Manager 4.5
Identity Manager Driver - Bidirectional eDirectory Driver


After upgrading to IDM 4.7 and the Bidirectional eDirectory Driver, the driver will not connect over SSL, the secure LDAP port (636).   However it will connect over the unsecure LDAP port (389).

[05/16/18 13:45:55.081]:eDirectory ST:eDirectory: OpenLDAPConnection - Connect to the server
[05/16/18 13:45:55.082]:eDirectory ST:eDirectory: Error occured while getting socket factory. Reason : null
[05/16/18 13:45:55.082]:eDirectory ST:eDirectory: Schema.Schema() - LDAPException: Unable to initiallize socket factory (80) Other
[05/16/18 13:45:55.083]:eDirectory ST:SubscriptionShim.init() returned:
[05/16/18 13:45:55.083]:eDirectory ST:
<nds dtdversion="4.0">
    <product build="20180222_0550" instance="eDirectory" version="">Identity Manager Bi-directional Driver for eDirectory</product>
    <contact>NetIQ Corporation</contact>
    <status level="success"/>


This issue is resolved with the Bidirectional eDirectory driver or later.


There was an issue when Use SSL is set to YES, and Always Accept Server Certificate is set to YES, that the driver did not pull the certificate properly from the connected side LDAP server.  

Workaround is to set Always Accept Server Certificate is set to NO and define the certificate information in the Driver Parameters.   (Driver properties, Driver Configuration tab, Driver Parameters section, Driver Settings)