Forward Copy Rule Using NGW-Variable

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  • 15-May-2018
  • 11-Jul-2018


GroupWise Mailbox Management 


A rule needs to be created that will contain the from address for every user in the system, and forward to a specific user or address. How can this be done in bulk using GroupWise Mailbox Management?


GroupWise Mailbox Management (GWMM) utilizes the NGW Variable in order to populate fields in the rules, as well as the signatures, so that the administrators do not have to create a rule for every user. Using the variables, and the copy feature in GWMM can save a lot of time and effort. The steps are outlined below to copy a rule and forward it to a different e-mail address, or other action. 

1) Create a Forward Rule for a user. In the Action in the To Field NGW Variable Email Address: [[NGW-EmailAddress]] or [[NGW-UserID]]

2) Define the action and save the Rule. 

3) Launch GroupWise Mailbox Management and select the user that the rule was created, and click on rules

4) Copy the rule to the users. 

Note:  There is a known issue where the display name will be incorrect, showing the rule creator. The NGW-EmailAddress, however, will have changed to the correct user in the from field. The rule itself will work in GroupWise, and display properly for the users