How to configure Filr appliances to work with a Proxy server for Online Updates

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  • 14-May-2018
  • 14-May-2018


Micro Focus Filr appliance 3.0
Micro Focus Filr Search appliance 3.0
Micro Focus Filr MySQL appliance 3.0


If your Filr, Filr Search or Filr MySQL appliances are behind a network firewall and need to use a proxy server to access the Internet to access Filr Online Updates, you can configure the Filr, Filr Search and Filr MySQL appliances to use a proxy server.

Note: An alternative method is to use a Subscription Management Tool (SMT) server.


The following steps apply to all Filr, Search and MySQL appliances shipped for Filr 3.0:

  1. If SSH is not running, login to the Filr/Search/MySQL Appliance Configuration console (https://hostname:9443) and Start SSH from System Services.
  2. Using a SSH/SFTP client such as Bitvise SSH or WinSCP remote login to the Filr appliance as user "root".
  3. Launch YAST by entering command:
  4. Under "Network Services" select "Proxy", then specify:
    a. Select "Enable Proxy".
    b. Enter HTTP Proxy URL such as
    c. Select "Use the Same Proxy for All Protocols".
    d. If the Proxy server requires authentication, specify the "Proxy Username" and "Proxy Password".
    e. Select "Test Proxy Settings" to confirm a connection can be made.
    f. Select "Finish"
  5. Restart the server for changes to take effect.

With the proxy server configured, you can setup your Filr/Search/MySQL appliance to receive Online updates via the Appliance Configuration console (https://hostname:9443) > Online Update. Choose the "Micro Focus Customer Center" during registration. If you're still unable to register for Online Updates, please consult TID 7020906 for some additional steps.

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