Sentinel Agent Manager modules will not install

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  • 14-May-2018
  • 14-May-2018


Sentinel Agent Manager 8.x Server


The modules will not import during the initial Sentinal Agent Manager install but the install will still successfully complete. There is another way to add the modules post install by doing an import from within the Sentinel Agent Manager console, however that also fails to import the modules. Both of the unsuccessful module import options are failing with the following error. 

The module signature is invalid, missing or from an untrusted source: A certificate chain could not be built to a trusted root authority

The resulting issues are missing data collection policies and missing configuration options within the Agent Manager Console. 


The CA that Microfocus uses to sign the modules uses a signature that is provided by DigiCert so in order to successfully install the modules you must first install the DigiCertAssuredIDRootCA.crt and DigiCertHighAssuranceEVRootCA.crt into the trusted stores on the computer.

The CAs are available for download at

Afterwards simply install Sentinel Agent Manager.

If Sentinel Agent Manager is already installed then simply install the modules using the following steps.

1. Open the Sentinal Agent Manager console.

2. Right click "data collection policies". 

3. Choose "restore content module". 

4. Choose the appropriate option. If this is a fresh install then choose the third option. Replace existing policies with those of the imported module.

5. Browse to the install CD modules folder and choose the module to import. 

6. After the imports are complete the previously missing options should be available. 


This CA Root certificate is not trusted because it is not in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store on the Sentinel Agent Manager computer.