ssh login with private key prompts for passphrase eventhough one has been entered in the Credential Vault

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  • 14-May-2018
  • 14-May-2018


Privileged Account Manager


SSH login with private key prompts "Enter passphrase for private key:" even-though one has already been entered into the Enterprise Credential Vault (Crdvlt).


The key that should be transferred to the host is the public one. Please verify the appropriate steps to take according to the Operating System.

One approach is to copy the public key file (the one paired to the private key provided in the Crdvlt for this account) to the target server or run host and concatenate it onto the authorized_keys file manually:

cp authorized_keys authorized_keys_bak
cat >> authorized_keys


Client key hasn't been transferred to host. The public key hasn't been copied into the authorized_keys file on the target server for the account.