Blue Screen when installing iPrint Client version 6.15

  • 7022947
  • 11-May-2018
  • 27-Jun-2018


Micro Focus iPrint Client


Installing the iPrint client to a Windows 10 workstation with Symantec installed results in a Blue Screen (BSOD). 

Note: This problem happens when installing any version of the iPrint Client. But because the iPrint Client version 6.15 was released in May of 2018 (around the time of the problematic version of Symantec was released) many iPrint customers associate the blue screen with the 6.15 client.


Update the Symantec software to SEP version 14.2 Build 758 or later.
Update the Sonar Engine to or later

Both updates are needed.


The Blue Screen is caused by a version of Symantec Endpoint Protection.