Admin Console displays incorrect version number after applying 4.4.0 HF1 on SLES

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  • 09-May-2018
  • 09-May-2018


Access Manager 4.4


Applied HF1 on NAM 4.4.0. But, Admin Console -> Dashboard -> Troubleshooting -> Version shows the incorrect version number as instead of


This is a bug and below workaround could be used to address it:


Change the permissions of below directories to 755

a.      /opt/novell/nam/patches

b.      /opt/novell/nam/patches/installed

c.      /opt/novell/nam/patches/installed/HF1-6


Issue stems from the fact that the OS is hardened with a particular umask level (Ex: 077). 
The end result is that we see 700 permissions on /opt/novell/nam/patches, /opt/novell/nam/patches/installed, /opt/novell/nam/patches/HF1-6 directories.
This prevents the version info from being read and displayed correctly. Once we change permissions to 755, the version displays correctly.