Error: "Could not retrieve the information for the main page." when opening emailed link

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  • 08-May-2018
  • 08-May-2018


Filr 3.0


When sharing files, an email is generated, including a link to the file being shared. Upon attempting to open the link, the recipient see an error:

A Message from Filr...

Could not retrieve the information for the main page. 'Checking the GWT RPC
XSRF/CRSF token detected an XSRF/CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) failure. 
Contact your site administrator about this problem. (Error details: 'Invalid RPC token 
(Session cookie is missing! Unable to verify XSRF cookie.)'.)'.


Enable the "Force HTTPS links" option at path: Port 9443 Appliance Console Configuration icon > Outbound E-Mail.


In some cases, web browsers use more hops than is necessary to retrieve a web page. Using HTTPS links can reduce the number of hops required to retrieve the email link.