Groupwise Rest Driver unable to add members to GW Distribution list

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  • 08-May-2018
  • 08-May-2018


Identity Manager 4.7
Identity Manager 4.6
Identity Manager Driver - Groupwise Rest


Using group entitlements through User Application, the Groupwise Rest Driver is unable to add a user to a Groupwise Distribution List.

The Groupwise Distribution List only exist in Groupwise.   There is no corresponding group in the Identity Vault that correlates to the Groupwise Distribution List.

In a driver trace we see that when the driver tries to find the object to modify, it states "Modifying Object null", and is unable to find the "group" / Groupwise Distribution List to modify.

However there are no errors, per say, in the driver log.   It appears to complete normally, but the user does not get added to the distribution list

-------------Log Snipit of event--------------
[04/25/18 12:15:39.174]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      GWsubscriptionShim.execute input:
[04/25/18 12:15:39.174]:gw ST:
<nds dtdversion="4.0" ndsversion="8.x">
    <product edition="Advanced" version="">DirXML</product>
    <contact>NetIQ Corporation</contact>
    <modify class-name="Group" event-id="testserver#20180425171538#1#8:d16ef918-5da8-4916-9497-18f96ed1a85d">
      <modify-attr attr-name="Member To">
          <value association-ref="novell.test.User2035{106}74A99781-02A9-0000-A4B0-B8D9905DD0D7" type="string">\PSOFT-TEST\CHA\CPW\User2035</value>
[04/25/18 12:15:39.175]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      Wed Apr 25 12:15:39 CDT 2018
[04/25/18 12:15:39.175]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      ndsEventID = testserver#20180425171538#1#8:d16ef918-5da8-4916-9497-18f96ed1a85d
[04/25/18 12:15:39.176]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      originalEvent = null
[04/25/18 12:15:39.176]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      classification = null
[04/25/18 12:15:39.176]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      Modify Event
[04/25/18 12:15:39.189]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      Value of http Get response code is 200
[04/25/18 12:15:39.191]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      processModifyEvent>sAttrName = Member To
[04/25/18 12:15:39.191]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      processModifyEvent>** attr type = 1 attr name = Member To attr value = \PSOFT-TEST\CHA\CPW\User2035
[04/25/18 12:15:39.191]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      modifyAttr>sAttrName = Member To
[04/25/18 12:15:39.191]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      modifyAttr>valuesSize = 1
[04/25/18 12:15:39.192]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:        modifyAttr>attr value = \PSOFT-TEST\CHA\CPW\User2035
[04/25/18 12:15:39.192]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      Adding USER.\PSOFT-TEST\CHA\CPW\User2035 to Distribution List
[04/25/18 12:15:39.192]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      modifyAttr>modAttr = Member To: USER.\PSOFT-TEST\CHA\CPW\User2035
[04/25/18 12:15:39.192]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      processModifyEvent>itemCnt = 1
[04/25/18 12:15:39.192]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:        processModifyEvent>modItems[i] = Add attribute: Member To: USER.\PSOFT-TEST\CHA\CPW\User2035
[04/25/18 12:15:39.193]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      Modifying object null
[04/25/18 12:15:39.194]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><groupMemberListUpdate><add><id>USER.\PSOFT-TEST\CHA\CPW\User2035</id><participation>PRIMARY</participation></add></groupMemberListUpdate>
[04/25/18 12:15:39.208]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      Value of http put response code is 200
[04/25/18 12:15:39.209]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      Member operation (1) response for USER.\PSOFT-TEST\CHA\CPW\User2035: 200
[04/25/18 12:15:39.210]:gw ST:GroupWise Rest:      updatePartialNDS>Modify Association; newAssocKey = null
[04/25/18 12:15:39.211]:gw PT:GroupWise Rest:      GWpublicationShim.execute - processing event
[04/25/18 12:15:39.211]:gw PT:
<nds dtdversion="2.0" ndsversion="8.x">
    <product build="20170510_0839" instance="GroupWise Rest" version="">DirXML Driver for GroupWise</product>
    <contact>NetIQ Corporation</contact>


Enable group synchronization through the Groupwise Rest Driver and synchronize a corresponding identity vault group through the Groupwise driver for the Groupwise distribution list.   Once there is a group in the identity vault for the Groupwise distribution list, and it is associated to the Groupwise rest driver, the group entitlement add operation will succeed.  

This is functioning as designed.


As of the Groupwise Rest Driver, it is required that there be a corresponding group in the Identity vault for the Groupwise Distribution list.   That group must be associated to the driver for the user to be added to the group and Groupwise distribution list. 

An enhancement request has been made to allow users to be added to distribution lists that exist only in the Groupwise system.