GMS unable to obtain a license when GroupWise system name contains "."

  • 7022930
  • 08-May-2018
  • 24-May-2018


GroupWise Mobility Service 18


GMS is unable to authenticate to GroupWise to read the license information.

The following is seen in the gwadmin-service.log file on the GroupWise server when GMS attempts to gain a license:

2018-05-02 16:14:38 GwAuthenticationFilter [DEBUG] Basic Authentication Authorization header found for user 'gmsadminapp-gms.groupwise'
2018-05-02 16:14:38 GwAuthenticationProvider [DEBUG] Creating new session: /grpw/domain:gmsadminapp-gms.groupwise@
2018-05-02 16:14:38 GwAuthenticationProvider [DEBUG] Login exception type: User not on post office


This has been resolved.  An FTF for both GroupWise and GMS is required.  Please open a service request with technical support to obtain these FTF's. 


The GroupWise system name contains a punctuation character, such as a dot.


Reported to Engineering