Authentication fails for datasync_user, unable to upgrade GMS to a version 18.

  • 7022929
  • 08-May-2018
  • 08-May-2018


GroupWise 18
GroupWise Mobility Service 18


You were using SLES11 with GMS 2014 R2. You wanted to perform in-place update to SLES12 and then update also GMS into a version 18. When upgrading GMS, you see problems reported over datasync_user invalid password, authentication failed. Even when you use older dsapp tool and want to change the datasync_user password, this fails.


The problem originated in script when you have overseen complains over locales. Example:

lc_collate cluster values do not match: old "de_DE.UTF-8", new 'en_US.UTF-8".

On German or other non US SLES11 installation, this variable is different and cause upgrade PSQL problems. Once you have installed newer software, re-run please, once more this script and you shall not see similar complains. If yes, you might look at the TID 7022483 to edit this upgrade script.
Once this script is run without problems, re-run again upgrade to GMS18 software via script from mounted ISO.