Unable to add GroupWise user into Messenger.

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  • 04-May-2018
  • 04-Mar-2019


GroupWise 18
GroupWise Messenger 18


You have successfully installed Messenger and want to add GroupWise users to the system but it fails. You get error like "Remote resource https://<messeneger IP>:8315/users ...." which complains about no LDAP.
You can add users manually to the system.
The problem would be visible if you edit properties of a GroupWise account -> Messenger tab. Click on Create button and you will notice that there is no LDAP Server assigned. You need to select one from the drop-down menu.


Make sure that on your primary domain MTA object -> LDAP tab you have enabled LDAP and configured it with a port which does not conflict. This port must be listed on the messenger host as active. After you have enabled it, you must stop and start gwadminservise on the primary domain host to get specified LDAP port on MTA listed as active.

Next to that, go into Messenger -> MessengerService -> LDAP Servers. Here shall be just enabled MTA LDAP server listed. It gets a name of the primary domain, i.e. anything like <domain_name>_LDAP.
Return back to MessengerService and click on Settings -> Account Management. Here you must set default LDAP server from a list, here the only one would be <domain_name>_LDAP. You can activate also "Automatically create .." option if you wish to get newly created users to be auto-populated into the Messenger system. Click on Save to confirm changes.

Now you shall be able to go into gwadmin console -> Users -> select a check-box of one GroupWise users and go into Messenger drop down menu -> Enable. Now you shall not receive LDAP complains and user shall be added into the Messenger system.