Suppressing Identity Governance system generated notifications

  • 7022906
  • 01-May-2018
  • 04-Feb-2020


Identity Governance (Access Review) 2.5.x
Identity Governance 3.0.x


Suppress the following system generated notifications
a. Notification to Review Owner when the Review is Terminated
b. Notification to user about his/her permissions being revoked


(Note: This is a global change meaning once set, the config is applicable to all reviews)

1) Stop Tomcat

2) Launch configutil in console mode from the idgov/bin (configutil -console -password %password-for-igops-user%)

3) Issue the following and press enter:
    dc (Initially no value should be returned)

4) Issue the following and press enter:
    a. To suppress Review Owner notification
        sp true
    b. To supress end user notification
        sp true
5) Up arrow 2 times so that the dc command is active and press Enter.  Depending on which notification was suppressed, the config should show = true = true
6) Exit from configutil

7) Delete the localhost folder in the tomcat/work/Catalina directory

8) Start Tomcat