Can IDM be used to manage users on iPrint Appliance?

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  • 19-Apr-2018
  • 19-Apr-2018


iPrint Appliance 2.x and 3.x
IDM (any version)


Is IDM supported as method to import and sync users between a source tree and the iPrint Appliance?


No, currently IDM is not supported. Users need to be imported and synced using the LDAP Import feature included in the iPrint Appliance.  With the iPrint Appliance version 3.x, the feature is accessed by:
  1. Go to http://<address>:9443
  2. Click the "Manage iPrint Appliance" tile (lower left)
  3. "Directory Servers" (left navigation list)


The LDAP import tool which ships with the iPrint Appliance creates connections to the source directory in a specific manner. IDM does not accomplish the same, resulting in user authentications to not work.