Unable to upgrade iManager plugin for GroupWise.

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  • 11-Apr-2018
  • 11-Apr-2018




You want to update your GroupWise plugin for iManager but installation complains that you are trying to install older version than what is already installed.


You can workaround this problem by following steps:

1. Stop tomcat that runs iManager.

2. Go into /var/opt/Novell/imanager/nps/packages and delete any GroupWise related NPM.

3. Go into /var/opt/Novell/imanager/nps/web-inf/modules/groupwise and delete all from this directory.

4. Go into /var/opt/Novell/imanager/nps/uninstallerdata directory and delete GroupWise related items.

Manually installing NPM file on the server:

1. Copy provided NPM file into some dedicated directory on the server and using roller Linux tool extract it. There will be two directories: META-INF and currentwebapp.

2. In META-INF file there is MANIFEST.MF file which you can edit by gedit and correct Implementation-Version field and adjust year. For instance it could be listed as You can change it into, save the file.

3. Copy the META-INF directory into /var/opt/novell/imanager/nps/web-inf/modules/groupwise directory.

4. Go now into currentwebapp directory, select both, WEB-INF and portal directories and paste them into /var/opt/novell/imanager/nps with overwrite option.

5. Start tomcat on the server to start iManager.

Once you login into eDir again, you will notice that GroupWise plugin is listed ow under installed with a info you updated in step 2 within the manifest file.