Messenger Agents fails to load with licensing error

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  • 09-Apr-2018
  • 07-Oct-2019


GroupWise Messenger 18


Messenger agent fails to load.  Error "Unable to acquire valid license from GroupWise system; terminating.."


This can happen if the server hosting your GroupWise domain has undergone a server name or IP address change at some point.  The  Messenger Agent needs to validate the GroupWise Admin certificate on server hosting the GroupWise domain.  To check what host name and IP address is in the GroupWise Admin certificate do the following:

1.  On the server hosting the GroupWise domain go to /opt/novell/groupwise/certificates/<longhashdir>
2.  Find your domain certificate - admin.domainname.crt
3.  Run the following command:  openssl x509 -text -in admin.domainname.crt | grep DNS
4.  This shows the subject alternative name in the certificate, for example: IP Address:
5.  If the DNS name or IP address reflected in the GroupWise Admin certificate does not match the current host name and IP address of the GroupWise domain server you need to fix the certificate using the gwadminutil utility.

Sample command:  gwadminutil certinst –db /path/to/dom –ca x.x.x.x:9710 –a adminuser -p adminpassword

In another situation the certificate on the GroupWise server did have the correct information but the same error was recorded in the log.

In this case there was a secondary IP address configured on the GroupWise server.  The secondary address was used for all GroupWise agents.  However, Messenger was using the Primary IP address to connect to the GroupWise server.  That address did not match the certificate and resulted in the error

Resolution in the second case was to access the arango database and manually change the IP.
1. Connect to Arango  https://MessengerServerIP:8320  Log in with root and the database password
2. Select the Messenger database from the drop down and open it
3. Click on the "Engine" collection
4. Find and click on the "GroupWiseConnRecord" record
5. Change the "gwm_ip_address" to match the secondary IP address
6. Save and restart arango


The server name or IP address of the GroupWise domain server was changed.