Service Desk Migration with embedded database fails to connect to database

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  • 05-Apr-2018
  • 18-Jun-2018


Service Desk 7 Upgrade


MFSD v7.4 with embedded database.
Start Service Desk migration.
After step 5 where migration is successful and attempting to connect to the new server console.
An attempt to connect to the database Step 9 (version 7.4) but connection fails.


Verify the configuration in the (database configuration).

File Location:
MFSD v7.4 - /opt/novell/nsd/servicedesk/Server/webapps/LiveTime/WEB-INF/LiveTime.woa/Contents/Resources/
MFSD v7.5 - /opt/novell/servicedesk/server/webapps/LiveTime/WEB-INF/LiveTime.woa/Contents/Resources/


MFSD Server holding the local database may be configured with the local IP address instead of local host address (stored in the file).
The system will function in normal conditions but fail will the migration.
The migration looks at this file and if the configuration doesn't have then the process presumes migration from an external database and fails to connect to the local database.

Additional Information

This may occur on MFSD Server with embedded database.

For MFSD v7.5 systems documented link Step 7 will fail.