Default Win10 authentication method reverts to "password" with CLE 4.2 installed

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  • 29-Mar-2018
  • 09-Apr-2018


Client Login Extension
CLE 4.2
Windows 10 workstation
PIN enabled as Windows 10 authentication method


Default Win10 login method reverts to "password" even if previous login was with a PIN.
"Password" is shown in field instead of "PIN" after previous "PIN" login
Problem occurs after installing CLE 4.2 on Windows 10


Enable the "CLE Tile" option in the CLE Configuration Utility.   This leaves the other Credential Provider in place and creates an icon for CLE that can be selected instead. 

In the CLE Configuration utility, choose "Advanced," and select "Enable CLE Tile on the login screen."  Then add the desired text and the full path to the desired bmp. (Including file name and .bmp extension.)  


"PIN" is a separate Credential Provider in Windows 10, just as CLE is a Credential Provider.  When the CLE Credential Provider is installed it takes precedence over any other Credential Providers (e.g. PIN, SmartCard or FingerPrint).  This is as per the design of the CLE.  

Additional Information

Steps to duplciate:

1. On a win10 workstation, open Settings --> Sign-In options, and Select PIN as an additional authentication option
2. Logout and back in 
3. Login dialog will now have a button labeled "login options" 
5. Click "login options," select PIN, and login
7. Logout and back in 
8. Login dialog will show the name of the last logged in user, and "password" will show in the login field.  

Expectation had been that the login dialog would show the method last used for logging in (PIN); instead it always shows "password."