SSPR - "System Warnings exist" message, but no warnings found

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  • 29-Mar-2018
  • 29-Mar-2018


Self Service Password Reset 4.2


After logging into Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) a "System Warnings exist, click to view." is seen in the upper right hand corner near the username.    However, when you click on the icon to view the warning, no system warning can be found.


Go into Configuration Editor, Settings, User Interface, Look and Feel, Interface Theme, and select some theme other than NetIQ (SSPR v3.2) (netiq32).   Then save the changes and re-login.   The warning message should be gone.


The Self Service Password Reset server was upgraded from SSPR 3.2 where the SSPR 3.2 theme was previously selected, causing this warning message with SSPR 4.2.