Does DRA support special characters for Office 365 user names

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  • 21-Mar-2018
  • 22-Mar-2018


NetIQ Directory Resource Administration 9.0.x
NetIQ Directory Resource Administration 9.1.x
Microsoft Office 365


What special characters are allowed within Office 365 user names

DRA office 365 cache loader fails

Can the DRA Office 365 cache loader process user names with special characters


Before managing an Office 365 tenant with DRA, ensure the user name attribute for cloud users does not contain invalid characters. According to the Microsoft Online Office 365 portal the following non alpha-numeric characters are allowed: underscore, dash, single quotes and period (_, -, ', .). .


Microsoft Office 365 has listed only certain non alpha-numeric characters as valid characters within any Office 365 user's User name attribute. When the DRA Office 365 tenant cache refresh encounters a user name attribute with an invalid character, the cache process will fail.

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