Automatic User Name Configuration

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  • 14-Mar-2018
  • 16-Jul-2018


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 9.x


When creating users within DRA, the 'Name' column is populated by taking information form the 'Full Name' field. This field is automatically populated when entering a First and Last name. In order to format the way that the user is displayed under the Name column, the Automatic User Name Configuration must be set.


Navigate to the Configuration Management node, and then to Managed Domains. Right-click on the domain that the naming configuration is to be set on, click Properties. In the left pane at the bottom of the list should be 'Automatic User Name Configuration'.


Once the window shows the options for the configuration, select which of the options is needed, and then click edit. Select how the name should be displayed, between the options for firstName, lastName, and initials. Choose whether to separate the properties with whatever is needed by simply typing in a character into the 'Additional characters' field and clicking the Add button.


Once the configuration is accepted, look at the Domain properties window. The Automatic User Name Configuration pane should show the configuration that was just set, under the Format String column.


The naming configuration can be set to format the Full Name, Pre-2000 Windows Logon Name, or the User Logon Name. These can all be set at one time, or in any combination that may be needed. Any of these three configurations can be set to alter the display shown within the console. The Full Name will format the Name column, the User Logon Name formats the field associated with it, and the Pre-2000 Windows Logon Name associates to its own column as well. The User Logon Name, and Pre-2000 Windows Logon Name columns may need to be enabled in order to view them.


The Automatic User Name Configuration can be used to format the way that a user's display name appears. This is a point forward setting, so it will only affect those who are created after this is set.

Additional Information

Please note that if the need comes up to remove the naming configuration, it is an easily accomplished task. This is also a point forward task, and it is done from the same window that it was set in. All that needs to happen is to click on the configuration, and select "Clear Format String" near the bottom of the window.
This change will not take effect when using the Web Console, it is only on the Win 32 Console.