GroupWise TeamWorks “Search Services Health” status on Search Appliance Administration

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  • 14-Mar-2018
  • 20-Mar-2018


GroupWise TeamWorks 18.0.1


Note: This Technical Information Document (TID) only applies to a “Large” deployment of GroupWise TeamWorks 18.0.1(and newer). If you have a “Small” deployment or you are using GroupWise TeamWorks 18.0.0, please disregard this TID.

In a “Large” deployment, GroupWise TeamWorks Search Appliances provide a “Search Services Health” status for each Search Appliance. Administrators can access this information by logging in to a Search Appliance’s Administration Console (on port 9443) and navigating to the Configuration >> Services screen.  

The possible values returned for the "Search Services Health" status are “Green”, “Red”, “Yellow”, or “Unknown”.

“Green” means that the search service cluster looks healthy. Nothing needs to be done.

“Red” usually mean that there is an actual problem with the search service cluster. Please contact Customer Care for assistance if your “Search Services Health” is showing a status of “Red”.

“Yellow” may or may not indicate the existence of an actual problem. It typically means that Elasticsearch is reconditioning the search service.
  • It might mean that one of the Search Appliances is unreachable. In such a case Elasticsearch is attempting to make contact with the Search Appliance in order to restore the service.
  • If you have set up a “Large” GroupWise TeamWorks deployment with only a single Search Appliance, then the Search Services Health would always be “Yellow”. This is because one of the primary benefits of a large deployment is High Availability (HA), and a system with only one Search Appliance does not provide HA. You should always have three Search Appliances in a “Large” (or clustered) setup of GroupWise TeamWorks in order to achieve High Availability.
If the Search Services Health status is returned as “Yellow” please give it a while and then recheck. If the problems persist please contact Customer Care for assistance.

There are two steps that must happen for the UI to display the Search Services Health:
  • Search Server must connect to the database and retrieve the Elasticsearch connection information from it.
  • Search Server must make a request to the Elasticsearch service on ‘localhost’ and retrieve the search cluster’s health status.
If there is a problem with either step, the status will be “Unknown". If the Search Services Health status is returned as “Unknown” then there are three probable causes:

  1. The Network connection is down between a Search Appliance and the Database: Please ensure that the network connection is present and functional between the Search Appliances and the Database.
  2. There is an SSL communication error between a Search Appliance and the Database: Please check the Search Appliances Digital Certificates and ensure that the Database certificate is imported in the “JVM Certificate” store and that it has not expired.
  3. The Elasticsearch service is stopped on that same Search Appliance: Please start the “Elasticsearch” service from the Search Appliance’s Administration console under the “System Services” menu.  Please recheck after a while to see if the status has changed.