Quota used calculation for Filr based storage gets out of sync

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  • 07-Mar-2018
  • 06-Mar-2020


Micro Focus Filr 3


Filr allows administrators to limit the amount of disk space for individual users and groups as well as for individual folders by defining Data Quotas (as explained in the Filr Administration Guide). Over time, it is possible that the quta used calculation goes out of sync and reports inaccurately how much storage an individual user is actually using.

For example: User jdoe sees that he is using 1.5GB of his total 2.0GB quota but can only account for about 800MB across all Personal Storage (including Trash, since files under Trash count towards the quota as well).


A fix to prevent miscalculations of the user's used quota is available in the Filr 3.3.3 Update. However, the fix will not correct any out of sync used quota calculations that may pre-exist on your system. See the additional information section for more details.

Additional Information

When dealing with this issue for one or more users, please be aware of the following:
  1. Files and Folders that the user deleted (and moved to the Filr Trash folder) still count towards quota usage. To re-claim the quota user must empty the Trash.
  2. If the user shared a folder with other users and files were added to this folder by others, those files count towards the quota of the user(s) who added those files and not towards the quota of the user who shared the folder. Therefore, users should look at all folders under 'Shared with me' where they may have added files.

In cases where the user quota used calculation is actually out of sync, it can be brought back in sync by disabling and re-enabling the user data quotas, as noted below:

  1. Login to Filr as Administrator and visit Administration Console
  2. Under Personal Storage, uncheck 'Enable User Data Quotas'
  3. Click Apply
  4. Re-visit Personal Storage, check 'Enable User Data Quotas'
  5. Click Apply