Potential Information Disclosure

  • 7022706
  • 05-Mar-2018
  • 10-Aug-2018


Sentinel 8.1x Sentinel Web Interface


 A Sentinel user is logged into the Sentinel Web Interface. After performing some tasks within Sentinel the user does not log out but does go idle for a period of time. This in turn causes the interface to timeout so that it requires the user to re-authenticate.  If another user is passing by and decides to login, their credentials are accepted. While The user does not inherit any of the other users privileges, they are able to view the previous screen. In this case it is possible that the user can see another users events or configuration information for whatever view is currently showing.  


Contact TS to receive a private patch for Sentinel 8.1.x or upgrade to (or later).  


CVE-2018-7675   Addresses a information disclosure potential vulnerability.