Default VM NIC setting may cause configuration issues with X2V Migrations

  • 7022692
  • 28-Feb-2018
  • 02-Mar-2018


PlateSpin Migrate


Target machines using the vmxnet3 require manual configuration after the completion of a migration job. The issue occurs with X2P migrations.


Change the "PreferredVMwareNicAdapter" setting in the PlateSpin configuration  from the setting of "default" to "vmxnet3"

1. Open up a web browser and launch URL https://[PlateSpin_hostname_or_IP]/platespinconfigration
2. In the Search bar, search for “preferredVMwareNicAdapter”
3. Choose "vmxnet3" from the list of adapters.
4. Save the changes.

This will allow future jobs to default to the "vmxnet3" NIC.


The default setting in some cases doesn't allow the vmxnet3 adapter to be configured in some environments.