Programming Resources for Reflection and Extra!

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Extra! X-treme
Reflection Desktop products
Reflection 2014 products
Reflection 2011 products
Reflection version 14.x products
Reflection FTP Client
Reflection for the Web


This technical note provides information on programming guides, API and language reference materials, software development kits (SDKs), code samples (macros, scripts, etc.), and other resources useful to developers.


Reflection Desktop/2014/2011

Tips and Best Practices for VBA Macros and .NET

  • Efficient Programming Practices: KB 7021427
  • Shared VBA Macro Code: KB 7021399
  • VBA events to auto-invoke actions when host text is displayed: KB 7021510
  • VBA macro compile error "User-defined type not defined:" KB 7021497

Reflection FTP Client

Extra! X-treme

Legacy Reflection version 14.x and earlier

Sending Reflection Commands from the Host

Reflection for the Web

Additional Information

For Databridge, InfoConnect, and Verastream products, programming information is available in the product documentation.

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