Redline Agent Fails to Start on SLES 12

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  • 21-Feb-2018
  • 21-Feb-2018


GroupWise Monitoring and Reporting (Redline) 4.1
SLES 12+


After installing Redline on a SLES 12 box, the rlagent service does not start. When typing in rcrlagent start it throws the error: 

redirecting to systemctl start rlagent.service
Failed to start rlagent.service: Unit rlagent.service failed to load: No such file or directory.


There are several ways to start the redline agent on SLES 12. Since the version of Redline has not been updated to run with SLES 12, the rlagent must be started from the /etc/init.d directory, or added to the systemctl. 

1). Start the rlagent from the /etc/init.d directory. Once in that directory type: ./rlagent start. This will successfully start the agent. Checking the status or stopping the agent is done by going into the same directory as well. 

2)  Add the rlagent to the systemctl by typing: systemctl enable rlagent in a terminal prompt. From there you can run the rclagent start (stop, status, restart) as was done on previous versions of SLES. 


The Redline code has not been updated to support SLES 12. Newer versions of Redline will rectify this issue.