Service Desk LDAP Sync Moves Users to the wrong Organizational Unit

  • 7022674
  • 21-Feb-2018
  • 21-Feb-2018


Service Desk 7.x User Configuration


  • Customer Orgs option is enabled in Setup > LDAP > [LDAP server] > Advanced
  • Company field is set to an attribute that is not populated for the LDAP users
  • LDAP Sync moves Customers from original Organizational Unit to the wrong one
  • Customer to Item associations are lost


  • Option A:
    Delete all Company Organizational Units except the desired one.
  • Option B:
    For each user in LDAP, explicitly populate the attribute specified for Company in the Service Desk LDAP configuration.


This issue happens when the attribute specified for Company is not explicitly set on the LDAP users. In this case, the LDAP sync in Service Desk makes a guess at which Company Organizational Unit to put the user into. If there is more than one Company Organizational Unit defined in Service Desk, this leads to seemingly random results.