Rename ZCC Registration Key can render device Unmanaged

  • 7022665
  • 16-Feb-2018
  • 20-Feb-2018


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 1


After renaming a registration key in ZCC or zman, devices may go into unmanaged state after cache is cleared or cleaned up.


Don't rename or delete registration keys.

In 2017 Update 3 and later the following warnings will be shown when trying to rename a registration key:

By renaming or deleting a registration key, devices that are registered in the zone might become unmanaged.

Changes made to the group membership might not be effective on devices that are already registered. For more information.

In 2017 Update 3 and later the following functionality change will be in effect:

If a device is already registered and it's sending an invalid registration key, the registration request should be successful and the device should not get unmanaged.  It should just log that the device is sending the wrong key.

ZCC and zman will show a warning message for registration key rename and delete. 


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