500 Internal Server Error. [string "gweb script"]:1957: bad argument

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  • 13-Feb-2018
  • 12-Apr-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR) powered by Reload


When clicking on the "profile" in the GWDR Web UI, it throws an error: 

500 Internal Server Error. The server was unable to handle your request!
Details: [string "gweb script"]:1957: bad argument 


1) Restore the conf file from the day before when it was working. 
  • Navigate to the /opt/beginfinite/reload/conf/backup directory. 
  • Copy the profile.conf file that is corrupted, and replace it with the one in /opt/beginfinite/reload/conf/
  • Restart the reloadd daemon: reloadd restart
Note: If the corruption happened more than a day, the backup conf file will not work, as GWDR will backup the conf files every night. This will only work if the backup is less than 24 hours from the time of corruption. 

2) Recreate the profile. 
  • Go to a terminal prompt and type reload to launch the Reload Administration
  • Select Create (Create New Profiles) | Delete  (Delete a Profile) 
  • Delete the Profile
Note: If using an NFS mount, be sure that it is currently not mounted; i.e. running a job, permanent NFS mount. Deleting the profile could also delete the entire contents of the live post office if the mount exists. If in doubt, type mount in a terminal prompt to check, and if there is one remove it before deleting a profile in GWDR
  • Proceed to delete the profile. 
  • Go to /opt/beginfinite/reload/conf and make sure that the "profile.conf" file no longer exists. The deletion of the profile should remove the .conf file. If it does not, rename, or remove the conf file manually. 
  • Once the profile is gone, Create a New Profile with the same name, and the same paths and parameters as was done  before. (See documentation for help in creating a profile) 
  • This will reestablish the configuration, replace any missing information from the conf file. 
  • Adjust the schedule and notification settings as needed. 


This indicates there is corruption, or missing information from the "profile.conf" file. 

Additional Information

Having a corrupt profile, or missing information from the "profile.conf" will not affect the data that has been backed up previously.