NFS Shares on a Windows Target are not Working Right After a Replication

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  • 05-Feb-2018
  • 02-Mar-2018


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After a replication of a Windows server that hosts NFS shares, the NFS shares on the target are not working and/or are corrupted.


When configuring the services for the target, the services "Client for NFS" and "Server for NFS" should be set to manual. When testing the target, the NFS services can be re-enabled. Also, running a chkdsk on the source will identify any corruption on the source that may be copied to the target.


During a replication the NFS services are configured as automatic, which tries to load the NFS shares before the target is configured properly and looks for NFS shares. Since it is too early to look for the NFS shares, the data on the NFS shares appears lost.