"System Extension Blocked" when installing Filr desktop application on macOS 10.13 "High Sierra"

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  • 01-Feb-2018
  • 01-Oct-2018


Filr 3.3


When installing the Filr desktop application on macOS 10.13 "High Sierra", an error appears:

System Extension Blocked
The system extension required for mounting FUSE volumes could not be loaded.
Please open the Security & Privacy System Preferences pane and allow loading system software from developer "Benjamin Fleischer".
Then try again mounting the volume.


Click the "Open System Preferences"  > "Security & Privacy" pane and click the "Allow" button. Note: It may be necessary to use the "tab" key to advance through the fields until the "Allow" button is highlighted. Then, press the spacebar to select it.


This behavior is a result of upgraded security introduced in macOS 10.13 "High Sierra". You must allow third-party kernel extensions, such as those used by the Filr desktop app, before they can be used.