What does the new tagging feature do?

  • 7022628
  • 31-Jan-2018
  • 08-Jun-2018


Secure Configuration Manager 7.0


This release introduces the ability to tag endpoints and policy templates. 


The tags serve as customized labels that help users identify, organize, and search endpoints or policy templates.

If you have a console administrator role, you can create and apply an unlimited number of tags to each endpoint or policy template. For example, you might create standard tags, such as UNIX and SQL, that apply to a large number of endpoints. Then you might add more specific identifiers for particular endpoints, such as Web server to indicate the endpoint’s purpose or HIPAA to denote that an endpoint must meet the particular security policy.

All users can view and search the tags associated with endpoints or policy templates. Tagging is available in the Web console only.


This is a new feature in SCM 7.0