How to stop the fulfillment emails from being sent to users

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  • 25-Jan-2018
  • 07-Feb-2019


Identity Governance (Access Review) 2.5
Identity Governance (Access Review) 3.0


 As a review completes, it fulfills the needed actions.  After the fulfill actions are complete, IG sends the end user an email stating that their access has changed in the reviewed application.  How do we Disable the sending of these particular emails ?


This can  can be accomplished following these steps below.  Please understand that this will be a global change to applies to all reviews.


1) Stop Tomcat


2) Launch configutil in console mode from the idgov/bin directory (configutil -console -password %password-for-igops-user%


3) Issue the following and press enter:



In your environment no value should be returned


4) Issue the following and press enter:

sp true


5) Up arrow 2 times so that the dc command is active and press Enter.  You should see: = true


6) Issue the following:



7) Delete the localhost folder in the tomcat/work/Catalina directory


8) Start Tomcat


9)  All reviews will no longer send an email to the user notifying them that they are about to be revoked from some permissions.




It is highly suggested to test with a tool like fakemail or MailCatcher as compared to the actual corporate mail server until you are ready to move to Staging.