Service Desk Web Services fail to start

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  • 25-Jan-2018
  • 28-Mar-2019


Service Desk 7.2 Web Services
Service Desk 7.1 Web Services
Service Desk 7.0.3 Web Services
Service Desk 7.0.2 Web Services
Service Desk 7.0.1 Web Services


MFSD Console Web Services fail to start.

"HTTP 503 error - Page cannot be displayed"


Check to see if the certificate used for MFSD has a pass phrase and enter the passphrase when apache starts.


Service Desk Certificate Passphrase Timeout
If you have a passphrase on the SSL certificate used by Services Desk this must be entered for the web services to start.  This may timeout before putting in the passphrase.

If a Passphrase is in the certificate
Adjust the APACHE_START_TIMEOUT timeout to allow more time for the passphrase to be entered.

MFSD v7.2 and below

## Type:    integer
## Default:    2
# timeout during server startup (seconds)
# after this time, the start script decides whether the httpd process started without error.
# Increase it, if you use mod_ssl and your certificate is passphrase protected!

Additional Information

If you've encrypted your private key (-genrsa option w/-aes, camellia, des, idea) a password will need to be used when starting.

Restarting the appliance will not display this passphrase prompt.
This prompt to enter the passphrase only appears when apache is restarted.

To Restart Services on the different versions;
Windows Service Manager UI: Stop/Start/Restart the "LiveTime" service
Linux:  /etc/init.d/livetime [start | stop | restart]
Appliance v6.x - v7.2:  /etc/init.d/tomcat6 [start | stop | restart]