How do I restore my default templates?

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  • 22-Jan-2018
  • 16-Jul-2018


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 9.0.3.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 9.1.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator REST Services


How do I restore my default Web Console templates?
How can I clear out customizations in the Property Pages of the Web Console?
Do I have the ability to only reset some of the templates instead of all templates?


The action of resetting the Object Property Page will delete any and all changes made to the selected page. If there have been any custom tabs or pages, they will be deleted due to this reset. Even changes to the order of the tabs would be reset back to the default.
In order to reset the property pages, please use the following steps:
  1. Open the Web Console.
  2. In the Tasks pane, expand the "Customize Web Console" box.
  3. Select the "Customize Object Property Pages".
  4. Click on the 'Configuration' button with the gear next to it.
    1. Choose the appropriate object type, and operation for the object (Create Object or Edit Properties)
    2. Click Apply
    3.  Please Note: When the property pages are reset, any created or modified tabs will be reset to default settings. If the default template of the "Create Object" properties is restored, it will not reset any customization for the Edit Properties pages, and vice-versa.
    4. This will not affect other objects. If restoring the pages for the Create User, the Create pages for all other object types will be safe as will all Editing Object pages.


When first set, the initial customization accepted may have been an important and useful addition to the Web Console. As rules and policies change, so do methods of keeping track of the organization. Within the Web Console there exists a way to revert back to default settings when it comes to the Object Property Page templates that are no longer as useful as they once were.
For example, an organization may have needed to track Employee ID. After a year it is decided that this ID is no longer the most efficient way and instead gets replaced with an Employee PIN. The ID will now be a field that serves no purpose in this organization, so before setting the field for the PIN, the decision to revert the templates can be made.

Additional Information

Please note: This is not recommended for heavily customized environments, as this will delete any and all modifications to the object property page.
Please note: Technical Support advises against the modification of JSON files associated with REST. The only supported method of modification is to utilize the GUI within the Web Console itself, anything else may cause issues within the server. Doing so may cause any custom changes to be wiped out when an update is applied. Additionally, modifying JSON files may even prevent applied updates from working as intended.