How to reload the Exchange Provider for DRA

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  • 22-Jan-2018
  • 16-Jul-2018


Directory & Resource Administrator 9.x


If there are errors being experienced in the server when attempting to perform simple Exchange tasks, the Exchange Provider may need to be reloaded. If the Exchange license is still valid, but the operations are not showing up when viewing properties, or creating new users, it may be time to follow the steps outlined below.


The steps mentioned below will be forcing the Exchange Provider to restart. In this case, Exchange Provider did not pick up when DRA began and now needs to restart. This process may help resolve issues with getting Exchange set up with DRA, or even simple tasks which are causing errors such as creating a mailbox or mail enabling objects.
  1. Navigate to the Policy and Automation Management node.
  2. Click Update Exchange Policies, and uncheck the box that enables Exchange Policies/
  3. Open Task Manager (If necessary click 'More Details')
  4. Go to the Services tab and find the "MCSAdminSvc" (this is the Admin Service), right-click this and stop the process.
  5. Go to the Details tab and end the task labeled, "DRAExchShell.exe"
  6. Go back to the Services tab, start "MCSAdminSvc" again.
  7. Launch DRA and enable the Exchange Policy (This step may take a while as the service is restarting and reconnecting)


When using Exchange within DRA, the system may not process that Exchange is attempting to come online. The above process shows how to make the system load the Exchange Provider. The Exchange Provider has not actually loaded when the DRA console initially started up.

Additional Information

These steps to force a restart of the Exchange Provider, are a per server setting. These steps only need to be taken if there are errors with Exchange on the server.