How to apply Oracle JCE security files on Vibe servers.

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  • 22-Jan-2018
  • 22-Jan-2018


Vibe 4.0.x


One of prerequisites of Vibe installation is to have Java files installed and extra security JCE files applied.


If you decide to use Oracle java files (preferable version), then visit Oracle download site:

From there download RPM or EXE version and install it.
On a Linux platform, Jave would be then installed in /usr/java/<jdk> directory. On Windows it is C:\Program Files\Java\<jdk>.

Next step you will need to download correspondong version of JCE security jar file:

A common mistake in Vibe installation is placing those two jar files in incorrect place.
On Linux it is: /usr/java/<jdk>/jre/lib/security.
Similarly on Windows it will be C:\Program Files\Java\<jdk>\jre\lib\security.

Rename existing jar files into old and replace them with extracted extra security jar files.