How to delegate GPA security mangment role

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  • 17-Jan-2018
  • 10-Apr-2018


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 6.9.x


How to delegate rights to manage GPA Security

Who can manage GPA Security

What role does the GPA_REPOSITORY_MANAGEMENT group play within GPA


Add a user or group to the GPA_REPOSITORY_MANAGEMENT group , and then the user will be able to assign GPA security rights to others.


Within GPA only users who have group membership within the GPA_REPOSITORY_MANAGEMENT group are allowed to configure GPA security. This AD group resides within the AD Domain of the GPA Repository only.

Additional Information

The name of the Repository Management group is configured during the GPA Repository install process. The exact value used during the install is stored within the fa_rep_properties table. This table is contained within the GPO_REPOSITORY database. The rows named Management Group Name and Management Group SID store the value of the Repository Management group. By default only the AD account used to perform the install of GPA Repository is added into the group.