Retain Job Stops Right After it Starts

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  • 12-Jan-2018
  • 12-Jan-2018


Retain Unified Archiving 4.1
MS Exchange


The Retain Jobs (using Exchange) are getting an error as soon as it starts:

"Fri Jan 12 10:39:35 CST 2018: com.gwava.archive.exceptions.RetainWorkerFatalException: at at at at at com.gwava.caapi.process.RetainDredger.processNormalJob( at at at at at at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$ Caused by: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: [LDAP: error code 32 - 0000208D: NameErr: DSID-03100213, problem 2001 (NO_OBJECT), data 0, best match of: '' ]; remaining name '' at com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtx.mapErrorCode( at com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtx.processReturnCode( at com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtx.processReturnCode( at com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtx.c_getAttributes( at com.sun.jndi.toolkit.ctx.ComponentDirContext.p_getAttributes( at com.sun.jndi.toolkit.ctx.PartialCompositeDirContext.getAttributes( at com.sun.jndi.toolkit.ctx.PartialCompositeDirContext.getAttributes( at at at at at at ... 10 more "


This can happen when there are disabled user accounts in the list of users to get archived.  Remove all disabled/inactive users from the list.
  1. Under Jobs, find the job that isn't running
  2. Click on Mailboxes tab
  3. Open Users and remove all disabled user accounts
The job should now run.

Note: If it still does not run, try creating a new job with one active user and see if it runs. If it does, then you'll know you have more disabled users in the Job that will not run. If it still does not run check the impersonation user account by going through this TID.


Disabled users are in the list of users to get archived.