SecureLogin fails with Skype for Busniess or other embedded browser

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  • 10-Jan-2018
  • 11-Jan-2018


NetIQ SecureLogin
NSL 8.5


Extremely slow login to Skype for Business 
SSO to embedded browser window fails 


Edit the registry and set IESSOBHO to 2.

In regedit,  open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Protocom\SecureLogin.   
Edit or create the DWORD  IESSOBHO  and set it to 2.

Additional Information

Information concerning IESSOBHO

This key configures the way SecureLogin works with IE.

* Relevant to the way SecureLogin process IE dialogs: it can either process through the BHO interface, as it does by default, or watch the IE process and attach to it
* Side effect: this may slow down the process
* Value of 2 added in version 8.5 to support embedded browsers while BHO is enabled.

Value Description
0 Integrate to the IE Windows process instead.
1 Default value: SecureLogin works through the BHO interface
2 SecureLogin works through the BHO interface for iexplor.exe but through the windows process if application name is different (Embedded browsers).