OES 2015 to OES 2018 upgrade, Print Manager and Driver Store won't load

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  • 08-Jan-2018
  • 10-Jan-2018


Open Enterprise Server 2018


After upgrading from OES 2015 to OES 2018, neither the Print Manager or Driver Store will load.  The Apache error log (/var/log/apache2/error_log) points to a certificate issue.


Copy/paste the following string of commands into a terminal session:
/opt/novell/iprint/bin/post_update_fix;rcnovell-idsd start;rcnovell-ipsmd start


The underlying OS to OES 2018 contains changes on how it loads services.  When doing an upgrade from OES 2015 to OES 2018, those changes result in the Print Manager and Driver Store failing to load.

Additional Information

There is a section of the OES 2018 iPrint documentation which specifically addresses this issue: